What do Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Mean to You?

In a word ... Safety. Specifically the safety of you, your family and other passengers your transport. If you own a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or MINI vehicle and live in or near Richmond, North Chesterfield, or Midlothian, chances are you’re already taking your car to The SHOP VA in Richmond to get the specialized expert maintenance and auto repair you expect and deserve. If you’re not, it’s time you consider The Shop VA, the auto repair facility considered to be the best in the area.


In today’s "autosphere," driver and passenger safety has become everyone’s business. BMW, MINI, and Mercedes-Benz nameplates are amongst the global leaders in developing and implementing advanced technologies, while staying vigilant about driver and passenger safety. Many new cars of these brands equipped with ADAS technologies are being sold today. If you don’t already own one, your next MINI, BMW or Mercedes-Benz will be loaded with them.


Not so long ago, safety systems were “passive” ... you, the driver, had to do something to make something safe happen ... like step on the brakes, steer to avoid a collision, etc. ADAS is “active” safety; responses are made or warnings are issued, typically before you even are aware of imminent danger.

So, what is ADAS? Here’s a brief overview of some of the technologies involved in this global phenomenon, which  is being implemented in North American, European and Asian markets:


ADAS technologies involve cameras, radars (based on radio waves), lidar (similar to radar, but based on light or laser rays), wheel speed sensors, steering angle sensors and more. They work together, increasingly in real time with no latency in reacting, to help drivers manage proximity to other vehicles, untimely lane departures, collision avoidance and more.


Although ADAS is expensive, much like your choice of vehicle, those technologies are well worth it for the safety assurance they provide and their ability to mitigate damage should an accident occur, or even avoiding it entirely. ADAS is also very precise and requires regular checks and calibrations so that your safety is always front and center.


In addition, the requirements of individual automakers to inspect and service their particular ADAS technology vary — in the space requirements, special tools, specific training and service procedures. It takes an investment, wherein the payoff is you. Not every shop or dealership can afford to be properly equipped, tooled and trained to check, service and when necessary calibrate ADAS. The investment is simply too high to justify if they see too few cars of certain brands to justify.


But because we’re your one-stop shop, being ADAS-capable is an investment that The Shop VA has made and continually upgrades. As specialists in Mercedes-Benz, Mini and BMW vehicles, our professionally certified ASE Master Technicians are properly equipped, tooled, trained, and service-ready to ensure your ADAS technologies are working and calibrated properly. That’s the edge you come to our auto mechanics for. It’s what we do every day.


If you already own a vehicle with ADAS, or your next purchase does, or you have a friend needing the same vehicle maintenance and auto repair expertise you expect, please call us, drop by, or schedule an appointment onlinewith The Shop VA here in Richmond. We know ADAS and you can count on us to ensure your vehicle performs as reliably and safely as you would expect.




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