Vehicle Accessories

We all love our furry friends, but traveling with them isn’t always the easiest thing. While some dogs have anxiety during car rides, many enjoy it. So why not make it less of a struggle for you AND your vehicle!


We’ve put together a few of our personal favorite accessories to make car rides better for both you and your dog!

  1. Dog Vehicle Harness

    Some dogs believe they’re better drivers than you, or that your hands need to be petting them instead of on the wheel. It’s a real problem for some owners to keep their dogs off their laps, or in their seats. “Pets, like children, should be safely restrained while traveling,” states the Virginia DMV website. “All it takes is a sudden stop or turn to seriously injure your pet, not to mention what could happen if you got in an accident. Unrestrained pets are also the cause of many accidents, as they can distract or even interfere with the driver's ability to control the vehicle.” Even if your dog is well behaved, it’s in their best interest to be safely secured, in your back seat. There are many options of leashes, some of which hook onto your dog’s collar and click into the seat belt. But harnesses are a great option for many dogs, especially if they’re younger or like to pull on the leash while walking.

  2. No-Spill Dog Bowl

    Nothing can be more frustrating than spilling something in your car. But if you’re going on a longer trip, or if the weather’s hot, it’s pertinent that your dog has access to water. No-spill bowls are great alternatives to regular bowls and can be utilized both in your vehicle and at home. Keep your interior dry and your dog hydrated!

  3. Car Seat Cover

    Speaking of messes, water isn’t the only concern. Dogs shed, drool, and can have accidents. While most dog owners have come to terms with the mess, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your car’s condition! Car seat covers are a great option to protect your interior from hair and fluids while keeping your dog comfortable. Enjoy a day at the river and don’t sweat putting a towel down over your seats! These covers are padded, waterproof, and offer flaps to help keep your pet in the back seat. They also have openings for seat belts, so people can share the back seat safely with your four-legged pals!

  4. Hair Removal Brush

    The struggle that any cat or dog owner feels BIG TIME. Especially in the summer months. The Lilly brush is ideal for car interior, furniture, and even clothes. Easy to use, no paper to refill (like traditional lint rollers), and small enough to throw in your car, purse, or hook to your backpack!


With summer gearing up, make sure your vehicle is ready to roll with inspections, services, tires, and everything in between! Call The Shop VA today to schedule a contact-free service.



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