The Top 3 Qualities To Look For In Your European Auto Mechanic

Did you know that U.S. drivers are increasingly becoming distrustful of repair shops? According to AAA’s 2016 survey, 76% of the surveyed individuals cite the recommendation of unnecessary services as a reason they lost confidence in their car care professional; followed by overcharging (73%) and negative past experiences (63%). The good news: this doesn’t have to be you!

You treat your performance vehicle as you’d treat any valuable possession, including your own body—with care and diligence. It deserves the best car maintenance and repair to keep it in excellent condition. So how do you find the right performance auto mechanic for the job? Look for these 3 most important characteristics in your performance car care professional.

3. Commitment to Accessibility & Convenience

An exceptional auto mechanic truly understands the inconvenience of not being able to use your primary mode of transportation while it’s in the shop. They strive to make their shop more accessible by providing convenience services such as loaner cars and pick-up & drop-off services. They acknowledge your situation and provide solutions to make the process easier for you. This demonstrates the auto mechanic’s commitment to your overall experience and satisfaction. 

2. Expertise & Specialization

Of course, you also want an auto mechanic that knows what to do and can problem-solve in unexpected situations. Expertise comes not only with demonstrated experience but also with car mechanic training programs. A mechanic can become an automotive master mechanic through a post-secondary education program, documented work experience, certification tests, and ultimately obtaining multiple certifications. Master mechanics demonstrate diagnostic accuracy and hand-eye coordination, among many other skills. Their expertise covers a wide range of tasks.

Specialists, such as German auto specialists, become certified through particular manufacturers. For example, a BMW specialist is an expert in BMW maintenance and repair. With a master-level mechanic, you can rest assured that they will do the work right because they are experts.

You would choose a cardiovascular specialist for heart problems, so why wouldn’t you choose a German auto specialist for a performance car like a BMW or a Mercedes?

1. Relationship-Building & Customer Service

The #1 most important thing, besides expertise, is that your car care professional strives to build a relationship with their clients through excellent customer service. Auto mechanic schools and career advising groups agree that great customer service skills are absolutely necessary. But what does this look like?

Transparent Communication. Look for an auto mechanic who communicates openly, providing as much detailed information as possible. They should tell you what needs to be done urgently as well as their recommendations for the near future, but as completely distinct categories. Your mechanic should serve as a trustworthy resource, answering your questions clearly and honestly. What does the repair entail? What are the estimated costs? When work has been completed on a repair, everything that has been done should be communicated to you.

Work Ethic. You want an auto mechanic that cares about you and your car and consistently performs good work, building up your trust. Above all, they should work in your best interest. Instead of upselling you on unnecessary work, an exceptional mechanic will provide you with all options, so you are well informed to make decisions. A mechanic who forms strong relationships with their clients will perform quality work because they have passion for what they do and care about you—not just because it’s a job.

When it comes to your performance car, you want nothing but the best! The best European auto mechanic isn’t just the one with advanced training. They care about each client and strive to build  strong relationships by going above and beyond and communicating openly.

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