Things To Not Leave In Your Vehicle

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, summer weather can cause wear and tear on your vehicle if you do not take proper precautions. In addition to potential vehicle damage, these items can become damaged, lose effectiveness, or create a mess in your vehicle when exposed to long lengths of the hot sun. In the hustle and bustle of our lives, it’s hard to remember what’s in your vehicle, and sometimes even where in your vehicle that it is. When you’re getting in and out of your car, make sure to double-check your backseat and floorboards for these items to avoid a headache!




This is almost an issue exclusively for summer. Sunscreen is actually something that should be worn every day, especially if you’re exposed to UV rays. Many facial makeups have sunscreen in them for this purpose. Sun damage and exposure can lead to health issues down the road. But it can also lead to issues in your vehicle! When left inside a hot vehicle, it can cause the composition of the sunscreen to deteriorate, making it less effective without your knowledge, and leaving your skin exposed even when used.




All medicine states somewhere in its notes or labels what temperature it needs to be stored at. While most bottled medications sit in our bathroom cabinets, many people bring theirs around with them, either due to the way they use it, or their schedule. But when left in a hot car, especially for long periods of time, the medication can lose it’s potency or alter its effect on the user.




In our previous blog, we mentioned how many vehicles have some type of touch screen or electronic component. It’s always good to remove electronics like smartphones, laptops, and cameras from your vehicle just from the standpoint of avoiding them being stolen, but it’s also to avoid heat damage. The batteries can overheat, and even burst, rendering them useless and making a mess. Although you can remove these items, you can’t remove the dashboard or touchscreen in your vehicle. Try to either park in a shady spot or use a sunshade in the windshield.


Food & Drink


Food and beverages should never sit in your vehicle for over an hour. While frozen and refrigerated foods pose the risk for food-borne illness, beverages pose the risk of exploding. Especially beer, wine, and soda. When it comes to snacks like chocolate or candy, while they won’t explode, they can melt and leave a mess if not in a sealed container.


Don’t let your summer fun be spoiled by messes and damaged valuables! Make sure to always take out items in your vehicle that can be damaged by summer weather, and keep up on any maintenance your vehicle needs to run it’s best!




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