History of Mercedes-benz


Germany has a long and impressive history when it comes to cars, earning the title as the 4th biggest producer of vehicles in the world. So of the most notable cars got their start in Germany, such as Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen. Another brand known for its ingenuity and class is Mercedes-Benz.


Credit:MERCEDES-BENZ via Road & Track

Karl Benz manufactured the first German car in 1885. He deemed it the ‘Motorwagen,’ in part due to its appearance as a horse carriage. Benz developed and patented his four-stroke combustion engine in 1886. His wife Bertha, who was also Benz’s business partner, drove 120 miles from Mannheim to Pforzheim with her sons in a Model III. Although this trip was to visit her family, she was also proving the marketability and power of the vehicle. At that time, the 954cc single-piston car bragged of a 0.9 hp, which was terrific at the current time.


Mercedes-Benz didn’t stop at just developing the car. They became pioneers in the industry on multiple levels. In1906, Mercedes-Benz dabbled in hybrid vehicles. The vehicle, the Mercedes Mixte, was a combination of electric and gas. Initially, the car was for racing purposes. With a horsepower of 30-55 and a possible speed of 75 mph, the vehicle ended up used as a taxi. The Mercedes Mixte failed to qualify for its first race in 1907 - but Mercedes would continue to evolve and be a big name in Formula One racing.


One of the most notable things to come from the brand was a patent involving the cells of the car body. Engineer Bela Barenyi developed a safety feature that would change the game forever. This feature made it so the cells of the car body would deform on impact. This design helped redistribute the force of impact during a crash and was used in Mercedes-Benz cars by 1959.


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