Here’s What We Love about BMWs, Mercedes-Benz, and MINI Coopers!

Is it any wonder we all have an emotional attachment to our cars? After all, we spend a lot of time driving, maintaining, and being around our cars. Sometimes you notice a person’s car before you notice them. And what someone drives often says a lot about a person. The auto repair technicians at The Shop VA have our favorite vehicles, and we’ll bet you have yours, too! 


What’s not to love about BMWs? When you sit inside one, a BMW is almost like an extension of your own body. You can feel exactly where the car is whether you’re driving down the roads of Richmond or parking. BMWs designs are beyond beautiful, and it’s so easy to fall in love with their performance as well. That’s probably why BMW owners baby their cars so much, give them names, and buy all the newest high-tech gear for them. Another reason we love BMW is their endless variety. There are so many makes and models, and BMW is always coming up with something innovative. 

The German engineering that goes into every Mercedes-Benz vehicle is amazing. When you drive one, sometimes you get the feeling that the car knows how you feel about it and responds appropriately. Carl Benz said “The love of inventing never dies.” That’s why every year, the engineers at Mercedes-Benz come out with something even more incredible than the year before. The Mercedes-Benz brand has come to symbolize luxury. For the auto repair technicians here at The Shop VA, the Mercedes-Benz is about more than high performance and torque. 

MINI Coopers

Now MINI Coopers are just plain fun. The way they zip around corners feels like you’re driving in a cartoon or a movie. Driving a MINI Cooper is like going back to when you had your first go-kart, except of course a MINI Cooper is the adult version. And if you love all things British, then you just have to love the MINI Cooper. We also love the MINI Cooper’s racing heritage, since most of us here at The Shop VA are into racing. Then there is the design, which although bigger than the original, still has the clean lines and cool design of the original. 

Do You Love BMWs, Mercedes-Benz, and MINI Coopers As We Do?

Did you know that The Shop VA is one of the select few automotive facilities in the Richmond, Virginia region that is an Authorized Distributor and Installer for DINAN Performance Parts? We also have extensive experience in the BMW performance race car world, and we are active in supporting the local racing community. We have a loyal performance tuning customer base, and we are proud of the performance race cars we have worked on. Please call us, drop by, or schedule an appointment online with The Shop VA. We’d love to partner with you, so you get the best performance from your MINI Cooper, Mercedes-Benz, or BMW.


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