Cars So Fast They Might Be Haunted!

Here at The Shop VA, we love high-performance automobiles. What we mean by that is that we love fast cars! There’s something about hearing the roar of the engine, feeling the wind in your hair, and being perfectly in tune with an automobile that is beyond rewarding. It makes us happy. And maybe fast cars make you happy, too! 

Some of Our Favorite Fast Cars

Since we specialize in high-performance cars, and we love Mercedes-Benz, MINIs, and BMWs, we thought we’d focus on those for now. Not only do these three cars go fast, they’re also dynamic machines, engineered to perfection for a smooth ride. 

MINI Cooper

The MINI Cooper is nowhere near as fast as the BMW or the Mercedes-Benz, but still quite fast. The 2013 MINI Cooper Works GP races from zero to 60 in 6 seconds flat. That kind of acceleration will get you where you need to go on time, and the MINI is just so darn fun to drive! 

The Spooky-Fast Mercedes Benz

Although the Mercedes-Benz isn’t quite as fast as the BMW, no doubt it’s still a contender in the Super Fast Car category. The 2014 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG goes from zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds. So if you pull up next to one in the Richmond, VA area, you might want to think twice before you challenge one to a race. On the other hand, if you happen to be on the Autobahn, that’s a whole other story! 

What’s the Fastest BMW? 

We checked around, and right now the fastest BMW is the 2019 BMW M5, which goes from zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds. You’ve got to admit that that is scary fast! Although by next year BMW will probably come out with something faster. Based on BMW’s past performance, the 2020 M5 will be faster still, since the 2019 beats out both the 2016 and 2017 models. (The 2018 BMW M5 tied for 2.8 seconds with 2019.) However, BMW’s speed testing process tends to be a bit on the conservative side, so we’re willing to bet that 2019 could be even faster than 2.8 seconds. 

Love Performance Cars?

The Shop VA is one of the select few automotive facilities in the Richmond, Virginia region that is an Authorized Distributor and Installer for DINAN Performance Parts. We also have extensive experience in the BMW performance race car world, and we are active in supporting the local racing community. We have a loyal performance tuning customer base, and we are proud of the performance race cars we have worked on. Please call us, drop by, or schedule an appointment online with The Shop VA. We’d love to partner with you so you get the best performance from your MINI, Mercedes-Benz, or BMW.


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